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Mika Yoshida
Caricature Artist
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Birth Place

I'm from Nagoya, Japan!
My favorite Nagoyan food is Kishimen! It is flat noodle in dashi soup.


Make myself happy first by drawing. Then, I can make someone happy by my drawing! -"Once in the lifetime chance"


I'll collect your characteristics with the best I can by asking you questions!

Email Me

Message me at mikayoshida713@gmail.com

My Skills.

I draw with a software called "Fire Alpaca". I used to draw and paint on paintable website forum back to share my illustration to my friends in year 2000. This software has same kind of features with an app which the website was using. The long time favorited tools are the best, aren't they? ;)

Back in 2000, I used mouse to create illustrations, but now I finally upgraded to Wacom pentablet! It's much faster to draw by this tool!
And, yes I'm native Japanese, so I can use Japanese language to decorate your caricatures! What fun!

Fire Alpaca (Drawing software)


Wacom Intuos Pro (Drawing Tablet)


Japanese (Language)


English (Language)


:D :P

I'd like to see your smile!

Please explore my gallery page for my past works!

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The Flow

Ordering process with step by step descriptions!

1.) Please fill up the order form [CUSTOMER]
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*The order will be finalized after I received the photos to be drawn.

2.) I'll ask if the price, delivery time, and payment method are perfect matches to your needs [ARTIST]

3.) Please comfirm the details I'd send by replying email. [CUSTOMER]

4.) I'll send you simple draft version of caricature to your e-mail address within a week or so. [ARTIST]
*If you'd like any correction, please tell me at this point! :) [CUSTOMER]

5.) Once I received "OK" reply from customers, I'll inform about how to pay online. [ARTIST]

6.) Please proceed to pay with the instruction I'll send by e-mail. [CUSTOMER]

7.) After I received the payment, I'll begin drawing and painting with more details. [ARTIST]

8.) I'll delivery the caricature by e-mail and/or ship it to your home address. [ARTIST]

~ Please ask me anything before you fill up the order form here! ~


Choose a pricing plan that fits your needs.

  • Upper Body
    (Above chest)
  • Price (Black & White) $25.00/person
  • Price (Color) $40.00/person
  • Full Body
    (Head to toes)
  • Price (Black & White) $45.00/person
  • Price (Color) $60.00/person
  • Wedding
    (Couple caricature)
  • Price (Black & White) -
  • Price (Color) $119.00/couple


Lets get in touch. Send me a message:

North Carolina, US

Email: mikayoshida713@gmail.com


Fill up your information, upload your file, and I'll send you price, delivery time, and payment method!