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Creating a life I love.

Mika Yoshida

I was born in Nagoya, Japan on Aug. 4th, 1982. Moved to Kansas when I was 13 years old with my mother and sisters. My mother got married to a Kansan man. I couldn’t speak English at all in a few years, and I always loved drawing and painting, especially human faces. I even got my self-confidence after receiving some art awards while I was in school.

At age 17, I started to work at a sushi bar as my first job. Even though sushi is one of those Japanese traditional dishes, I couldn’t cook and make any at the moment. Japanese don’t eat sushi often, and I had a few chances to eat sushi while I was in Japan. I love learning new stuff from making sushi to greeting and explaining about the Japanese foods to people in Kansas. It was around in 1999. I left the job after working there for 5 years with the reason for getting a major depression.

I suffered from depression for several years in my 20’s. I started to think I have to accomplish something, at least completing with an Associate Degree. And, I graduated from a college with arts when I was 25 years old.

I started to draw caricature again after a long time break. When I felt tired from studying toward a Translation certificate (English to Japanese), I grab a pen tablet and sit in front of my computer to get my mind off.

I was diagnosed as an Asperger’s Syndrome when I was 28 years old. I was happy to know that because I felt as if I could start understanding myself. Around that time, I got painted by a caricature artist in Nagoya, Japan. I was shocked. She looked really awesome person who drew me beautifully, pulling all those my positive side on the paper. I started to think I want to be like her. Her name is Chihiro Noguchi.

I married to my handsome and great minded husband when I was 30 years old. From the day, I became a mom of two teenaged kids. I got a baby and the baby is 5 years old already (born 2014). They are all still lovely no matter what. Parenting has been really hard for me, and during the moments I draw my kids, I felt really happy as I could almost see their smile from the start point of the drawing.

My husband thanks me a lot almost every day for being with him. I’m such a lucky woman being able to draw in front of him.

Drawing has been part of my life. Part of my happiness. My expression toward my love.